For Debian users (including Ubuntu)

reclass has been packaged for Debian. To use it, just install it with APT:

$ apt-get install reclass [reclass-doc]

For ArchLinux users

reclass is available for ArchLinux, thanks to Niels Abspoel. Dowload the tarball from aur or yaourt:

$ yaourt -S reclass


$ tar xvzf reclass-git.tar.gz
$ cd reclass-git; makepkg
$ sudo pacman -U reclass-git-<git-commit-hash>.tar.gz

Other distributions

Developers of other distributions are cordially invited to package reclass themselves and write to the mailing list to have details included here. Or send a patch!

From source

reclass is currently maintained on Github, so to obtain the source, run:

$ git clone


$ git clone ssh://

If you want a tarball, please obtain it from the Debian archive.

Before you can use reclass, you need to install it into a place where Python can find it. The following step should install the package to /usr/local:

$ python install

If you want to install to a different location, use –prefix like so:

$ python install --prefix=/opt/local

Just make sure that the destination is in the Python module search path, which you can check like this:

$ python -c 'import sys; print sys.path'

More options can be found in the output of

$ python install --help
$ python --help
$ python --help-commands
$ python --help [cmd]

If you just want to run reclass from source, e.g. because you are going to be making and testing changes, install it in “development mode”:

$ python develop

To uninstall (the rm call is necessary due to a bug in setuptools):

$ python develop --uninstall
$ rm /usr/local/bin/reclass*

Uninstallation currently isn’t possible for packages installed to /usr/local as per the above method, unfortunately. The following should do:

$ rm -r /usr/local/lib/python*/dist-packages/reclass* /usr/local/bin/reclass*

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